Why “The Gold Thread”?

So, why is this blog, which is about Freya, called “The Gold Thread”?

Good question.

I chose the title “The Gold Thread” for a number of reasons. First, Freya = valuable = gold. Gold has always been a strong symbol in Germanic literature, as practically an entity unto itself that both lures and destroys those who lust after it. Gullveig, a goddess of the Vanir whom many Asatru identity with Freya, has a name that literally means “gold-intoxication”. The myths list Freya right up there with the most important treasures of the universe: a jotun, having Asgard in his debt, will ask for “the Sun, the Moon, and Freya” in return. (Or, just Freya, depending on the myth.) One of her roles (and those of all of the Vanir) is to help create abundance–monetary wealth in particular, for her. So, gold is one of the major symbols/colors that I, and many others, use when when dealing with Freya. The color gold is on many of the items, statues, and fabrics on my altar for Her; much of my ritual regalia incorporates the color; and, when I can, I buy gold jewelry to wear and small gold filaments to use for offerings. People who know me know that if they get stuck deciding what to get for me for any occasion, gold or gold-colored *anything* will always be appreciated. Freya is, to me, all things gold.

Second, the “gold thread” is a recurring image in my journeys with her. My most vivid memory of this showed up in the final stages of my initiation with Her. She had slowly and completely cocooned me in gold thread, which She then connected to Herself. Then She showed me all of the other gold threads that connected back to her, from Her chosen people (however they are defined).* This brought on an overwhelming sense of solidarity, peace, joyfulness, and wholeness; it gives me chills just to describe it, even now. By writing this blog/website, I hope to continue to send out her “gold threads” further into the world, and create even more connections and pathways for her Love to flow through.

*(If you’ve seen any of the X-Men movies–remember what it looked like when Professor X put on his mind helmet? Turn all of the connections gold, and you’ll get some approximation of what I was seeing.)

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