Midsummer’s Eve Aelf Rite

This is the Midsummer ritual I led on Tuesday, with some small modifications. It is by Freyjavin Grafeldr and Hrafnkel Anders, and can be found here on Heathen Temple’s website, and also in The Troth’s Book of Blots. It has Freyr as the Gothi and Freya as the Gythia. It’s a lovely ritual, with an abundance of rich descriptions of Freyr and the Alfar. It went a bit quicker than I had planned, but if you give a long time for scrying and there are a large number of attendees, it will probably take about a half an hour.

My version of this ritual had the group scrying into the swimming pool (unfortunately we were not allowed to throw our magical herbs into the pool, nor the long stemmed roses I had brought for the altar; any extra herbs we threw into the fire for fire scrying later on). We used roses, yarrow, lavender, and mugwort as our magical herb, instead of those described in the ritual. We had Orange Blossom Cream Ale in our horn for the blot, and afterwards sat around the fire, ate, passed the horn, sang songs, and told stories. There were lots of lovely vibes, bad jokes, honor to our Lord Freyr, and bonds strengthened between friends new and old.

Midsummer Ritual—Freyr, Freya, and the Alfar

From Heathen Temple

Freyjavin Grafeldr and Hrafnkel Anders, authors


(Also in The Troth’s Book of Blots)

This rite was inspired by the Midsummer’s Eve lore of the Elves and Faery folk. As Frey is Lord of Aelfheim is seemed a fitting time for a rite dedicated to him. This rite is beautiful done at dusk, outside, and lit by soft candlelight.
Speakers: Godhi (Freyr), Gythia (Freya)
Ritual Items:
Altar Flowers
Gold and white candles

Statues of Frey and/or Green men
Drinking Horn Mead
Bowl of spring water

Herb bundle for each participant
Extra herbs to scatter
Gifts of Faery herbs tied into bundles and bound with ribbons and bells are made for each participant.
Gythia: Heilsa Freyr!
Shining One!
Aelf Lord Fair,
Ocean Rider, Hail!
Godhi: The summer Sun sets and as the shadows draw nigh, the eve of the Summer Solstice begins.
Gythia: As the purple veil of night draws about the golden day, Aelf, Sprite, and Fey come forth to dance a magical round. Forest and field will know their midnight revels and the great Aelf Lord Freyr will from holy Aelfheim come to lead them.
Godhi: Hail, to the Frithful One,
Hail to Njord’s Son!
Hail Freyja’s Love,
Hail, holy Van!

Gythia: The scent of pine and forest flowers floats on the gentle summer breeze. The soft chime of silver bells rings in the heady air of Midsummer. The Lord Freyr comes, born by Bloody Hooves, accompanied by the Hosts of Aelfheim.
Hail, Freyr!
Lord of field and forest.
Brother Lover to Freyja fair.
Bringer of Midsummer magic,
Stag Crowned, shining Aelf, Hail!
As the Solstice draws nigh, harken ye to the words of Freyr!
Godhi: [speaking as Freyr] I am Beli’s Bane,
Son of Earth and Sea,
Njord sired me,
Nerthus bore me.
I wield the stag’s crown,
I ride the ocean’s crest.
Gullinbursti golden is mine,
Freyfaxi fair my steed.
Midsummer’s Eve is a time of great magic… the veil that separates the world of the Aelfar and that of the mortals is thin and easy to pass through. You may use this time to gaze beyond for the answers within. My magic is that of compassion and warmth for I teach of truest love. With love comes the lesson of resolution, in resolution is peace, in peace is courage and all these things together bring joy. Such are my blessings to all who would seek them.
Gythia: At Winter’s end in the old North our far kin welcomed the returning sun. Our ancestors reveled in the short growing season that was to come with the Summer and looked forward to a time for travel and trade. These were the days when Kings and jarls dispensed judgments and dooms and dealt important business.
Godhi: While the folk went about the work of Summer it was said that Freyr, frithful Lord of Aelfheim, rode amongst the world of men upon his golden steed. This was truly Freyr’s time for these were the days of greatest light, of fertile fields and the mirth and joy that is Summer.
Gythia: We gather here to celebrate the Eve of the Summer Solstice in honour of the Lord of Aelfheim: gentle warrior, father, brother, lover fair. It is to give him honour and ask his blessings that we turn our thoughts upon bright Freyr and let his holy light illumine us all.
Godhi: Clover and oak moss scent the summer air,
Lord Frey rides forth on bold Freyfaxi fair;
Hair of red gold flax, eyes of ocean blue,
Clad in samite fine, cloaked in forest hue.
Gythia: Midsummer magic, red and burning gold,
Dance with the Aelf folk, forever young and old.
Drink ruby wine poured forth from silver bright,
Greet the Solstice Sun’s ever blessed light.

Godhi: Gather herbs charmed ‘neath misty moon and star,
Sing a runic lay calling Gods afar.
Cast roses red on water crystal clear,
Let Love’s visage come called by Elvish seer.
Have a BOWL OF SPRING WATER and HERBS sacred to the Aelfs to scatter into it.
Gythia: Midsummer’s Eve and the day that follows have always been special times when Aelf and mortal could join together to share the mystery and magic of the longest day of the year. Scrying and seeking visions of the future may be done on this auspicious day.
Godhi: Maids traditionally gathered herbs and dew on Midsummer’s Eve and the morning of the Summer Solstice to be used in spells and charms to make themselves beautiful for prospective husbands. Many gazed into the crystal waters of a spring or sacred pool to see visions of their future spouse or what the year would bring to them.
Gythia: To seek visions of that which may come to pass or ask the aid of the Fey folk, cast the herbs of Midsummer upon the waters of this vessel. Then you have but to look deep within the waters, deep within yourself to partake of the wisdom of Freyr and his people. Let each participant cast a pinch of herbs into the bowl of water and ask the help of the Aelfar in receiving an answer to their question. Give a few minutes for each to gaze into the bowl and seek their own Midsummer vision…
Pass out small bags filled with herbs to be used as dream pillows to encourage dreams from the Faery folk.
Godhi: If you would seek dreams and visions from the Fey folk whilst you travel the realms of sleep, take with you these small tokens of Midsummer. Hide them within your pillows and let the fragrance wrap your dreams in Midsummer magics.
Gythia: Gathered from the fields and forests of Freyr and blessed with Aelfin joy are these flowers and herbs. Roses to attract true love and the favour of the Faery folk. Clover to call to the Fey and lift the veil that you might see them.
Godhi: Lemon Balm and mint to relax and soothe. Lavender to still the thoughts and let the visions come. Seeds of Milkweed to grant Summer wishes. Mugwort to encourage dreams. And finally, Heather to open the doorway between the realms of mortal and Fey.
Gythia: Wrapped in fine cloth, tied with ribbons fair, with a bell on each to give sweet music and honor to Freyr. Accept our Solstice favors to keep the Fey folk close, a gift of the Aelfar and the fruitful hands of Freyr.
The HORN of MEAD is passed.
Godhi: Drink now to Freyr and to his people!
Gythia: May your summer season be joyful and blessed with the warmth of Freyr! Let this rite be ended as the mead flows and the feasting begins!
Godhi: All hail to Freyr! Let the feasting begin!

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