Morrigan devotion: “The Book of the Great Queen” project

Some days I complain about how crazy busy my life has been since deciding to become more active in my community, and then things like Morpheus’ “The Book of the Great Queen” happens and I remember that I’m exactly where I’ve always wanted to be. I’m embedded in a rich spiritual community of active, devoted priests and priestesses of the Gods, and through my luck, the will of my Goddess, and my hard work, I’m surrounded by cool people working just as hard (or probably harder) in service to their God as I am. It’s a huge blessing, though some days I have a hard time seeing it as one.

Morpheus’s book project, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a way for her, as a priest of the Morrigan, to bridge the gap in resources between the Llewellyn 101-type books on the Morrigan and the academic work currently being done on her and pre-Christian Ireland. She wanted to create the book that she wished had existed each time someone asked her for recommendations on higher level material on the Morrigan. She’d been working on the book on and off for some time,  but this past Spring, the Morrigan finally put her foot down and gave Morpheus a firm deadline. You can find all of the details on her IndieGogo campaign here: The Book of the Great Queen.

Currently, she’s already made her initial goal in her campaign (freeing up the time and buying the materials to finish the book) and her first stretch goal (commissioning some new artwork for the book), and she is working on her second stretch goal: creating a professional studio recording of the poems of the Morrigan, spoken aloud as an vocal incantation–as they would have been spoken, likely to aid in trancework–in both Old Irish and English translations.

The whole project is exactly the kind of thing that I think people who are devoted to their Gods should be doing. I was happy to donate what I could towards it, and I can’t wait see how it all turns out. Morpheus is an active, experienced, and passionate priest of the Morrigan, and the book should be amazing.

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