On being a Fairy Godmother

As a person without children (and no children in the foreseeable future), I’ve ended up more and more becoming the “fairy godmother” to my friend’s children. My usual gift within the first year of a child’s life is a detailed, printed out copy of his or her natal chart (for the parents now, or the child later on). As my friends’ children are getting older, I had to come up with another gift that I felt was meaningful, powerful, and something only I (or someone with my skills) could provide. Now that I’m dedicated to Freya, I feel comfortable giving people blessings in her name.

A dear friend’s son had his second birthday a few months ago. When I offered her my gift, she asked that the blessing be that he always know that he is loved, no matter what occurs in his life. When she asked me if it was okay to ask my Lady for this specific blessing, I smiled. If I had to summarize what my Lady would like everyone to know, it is that they are loved–always. So yes, my Lady will be just fine with this request.

Tonight I was finally able to give her son that blessing in person. I took a minute to focus and connect with my lady, and then I pictured how it looked and felt when she gave me a similar blessing recently in journey. I felt her warm, golden energy fill me up and roll down my arms to my hands. As he slept, I knelt over her son’s head and I encased his body in a cocoon of that energy. I whispered the words of the blessing, and chanted and gently drew runes on his head as I did so. Othala and Laguz–love flowing from his family, for all time; for no blockages in that flow. Wunjo for joy; Kenaz for understanding. After each rune, he stirred and fell back asleep.

This boy is already very much loved–he is the apple of his parents’ eye and has many doting godparents. With this blessing, though, I like to think that he will understand even more how much he is loved, no matter what life throws at him.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. Julian of Norwich


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