“Freya”, by Bekkhild

Trolling through my Freya archives…. From Idunna #51: Freya


The thrice-burned

In gold flame

In gold she rises

From a cloud of feathers settling


Seeress and sorceress

Shifting talon to claw

Eyes gold, clear in far sight


She chants the runes alive

They bruise and bless

Messages between the worlds

Magic between the worlds


Sings she does from a full heart

Through the pain of an ancient loss

In the blood of an ancient tree


You wear her song, her tears upon you

That fell into the sea

To rise salt-blessed as amber


Tears fell upon the land like hail

To seed the stone with gold

You bear her memories upon you


You bear the seed of her fire within you

Hers the secret language, the kisses

Hers the skills of pleasure:

Gold the grace, the afterglow


At your bodies final battle

She collects you to herself at will

Your many lives her gleaming gold

Your lost blood

Her memories, singing.

–Bekkhild, 4/12/01

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