Socializing and “Gods Days”

Every week or so I get a day that ends up being dedicated to the Gods. Sometimes these are planned; most of the time they aren’t. (In the months between my initiation and my dedication, I was having 2-4 days a week turn out to be Gods Days; it was insane.) Today was supposed to be a drinking-cider-and-watching-the-World-Cup kind of day; it turned into a Gods Day.

Today’s God Day started with me cutting out of work early to catch a World Cup game with a friend. This friend happens to be a British Trad Wiccan and a priest of Pan, so after a couple of ciders (and after England was soundly schooled by Uruguay), we argued the pros and cons of practicing Hellenic Recon. I left him as the Japan vs. Greece game was starting (Greece was already being taken to task by Japan) to meet up with another friend.

This friend is a priestess of the Morrigan who has been recently tapped by Odin and Freya, and the only thing she knew about Norse mythology was that we have a Really Big Tree involved somehow, and that Odin has a spear and Freya’s sexy. (‘m simplifying here, but essentially she has no context for dealing with our pantheon.) I’m to be her Freya tutor (yay!); and, as with all of the other Morrigan and Odin types I’ve dealt with recently, the first thing I need to do is to convince her that Freya is actually not that scary. For reals. Personally, my reaction is, “How can anyone not love my Goddess? Love, beauty, sex, money, magic, hunky dead warriors… what’s not to love here?” but there’s always this subsect of people whom I come across who treat Freya like she’s a suspicious package in an airport. So, of course, “somehow” they end up paired up with a Freyasperson so they have the opportunity to work on their phobia. (Not that I have too much room to talk here; I have a similar Odinphobia I’m working through.)

Next up was another friend who’s a multi-trad priestess, though I know her primarily in the Norse context. It turns out that she’s now being visited by the Greeks as well (they’ve been awfully busy recently!), so we discussed that situation and various other projects that she’s working on. While I was there, yet another friend (another Odin/Morrigan girl) showed up and joined us for Thai food.

On the way back home, I got reminded by Zeus that I was due for our monthly check-in, so I did that–while driving, as usual. (I don’t know why it always has to happen on the highway, but outside, watching a cloud-streaked sunset, really is the perfect time to give Zeus a call.) When I got home, for the first hour or so I was writing up that conversation and various ideas from the day, which meant that I didn’t get a chance to do any Freya stuff until 11pm or so. It was all worth it–these days usually are really satisfying. And when there’s actual socializing involved (and cider!) it helps balance things out enormously. Tomorrow’s not a Gods Day (afaik), but this weekend looks to be packed. Ah, well. It’s what I signed up to do, and it really does given me a good excuse to hang out with some really cool people 🙂 I can’t complain.

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