Love notes from Freya, 7/10/14

Making love is about making hard choices. Don’t shy from them. Honor yourself and really acknowledge the reality of the situation you are in. If it doesn’t hold up under deep scrutiny–if, when the romantic feelings and hopes and expectations are gone, the foundations of your relationship turns out to be weak or fewer in number and strength than you had thought–love yourself and your partner enough to leave. You deserve–no, it’s your responsibility, to yourself and those around you–to accept nothing less than a strong, supportive, mutually beneficial relationship. Don’t know you that you’re worth it?

Whoa. Easier said than done. In my opinion, this is why, ladies and gentlemen, working for a goddess of love and self-respect can be just as scary as working for a goddess of war.  I know exactly how painful it can be to put something like this into practice. I’ve been broken on that altar more than once. The good news is that if I don’t learn my lesson the first time around, I get plenty of other chances to learn it. (Lucky me.) Now, however, I can honestly say that I’m glad for the pain, shame, guilt, and despair I’ve walked through, and proud that I survived it. My faith in myself and my connection with my goddess is deeper than ever. I’m a stronger person because of these experiences, and I can see clearly, one more time, that when I let Her, She will always give me “this, or something better”. If I let Her, she will lead me a place that is happier than anything I could plan or hope for for myself now. (And hopefully avoid any more of the type of drama in the future.)

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