Priestessing is… work?

I feel kind of dumb admitting this, but I just now realized that this “Priestessing for Freya” gig is actually work.

I mean, I’ve been doing the work, mainly because I love Freya and enjoy being her priestess, and I want to help my community. It never occurred to me that this is actually a job and sometimes I would want a day off. /boggle Is that legal? I can still be a priestess if I take a day off?

So, yesterday was a de facto day off. I didn’t do anything but veg on the couch and watch the World Cup semifinals. (Ugh, poor Brazil. What a decimation. It’s like someone threw battle fetters on the Brazilian team right before kick-off.) So no, no Love Notes from yesterday, or today. Sorry folks.

Anyway, it’s the World Cup final today! As I’m half German by ancestry, I’ll be rooting for… well, Argentina, because the German team looks like it’s full of assholes.


2 thoughts on “Priestessing is… work?

  1. My paternal grandfather was a Baptist minister (not a theology I understand, but that’s another matter). I never thought he had a real job. It was only later that I understood how hard he worked each week to prepare a Sunday sermon and a Wednesday Bible study lecture, and to take care of all the church’s business, not to mention driving all over Hell’s half acre in those backwater western Tennessee counties visiting people who needed counseling. For shit pay, I might add. So don’t worry about taking some down time, that’s how I see it.

  2. When one receives *on their birthday* news of a kitten that suffered from a run in with a car engine, and is asked to speak to Freyja about helping it cross over…it’s totally work. Completely and totally work. Blesses, important and vastly unsung work…but yes…work.

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