So much to say

When I first started this blog I was worried about not having enough material to write about. I mean, it’s only about Freya; how much is there to say? Clearly this has not been a problem.

I have at least five posts backlogged in my mind that I’d love to actually write out but never seem to find the time–more information about my dedication; how the Gods present themselves in the Midwest vs on the West Coast; creating a WordHoard for people unfamiliar with Heathen/Pagan terms; basic info about Freya post for newbies; the next Polytheist Devotional Meme question; why Freya makes me cry so often (though not in a bad way); random Loki appearances, which I blame on the sheer number of Lokean blogs I have on my feed (or as a friend who works with Hermes put it the other day–Loki: HELLO I HAVE NOTICED YOU NOTICING ME.) And that doesn’t even start to include all of the polytheist vs pagan discussions or all of the Hellenic or interfaith stuff I am doing at the moment. Still, there are worse problems to have: I’m unlikely to be bored anytime soon.

Perhaps I should put it to a vote instead of silently berating myself for not having all of those posts done already. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “So much to say

  1. Being on the East Coast, the regional differences would be interesting either way. Also, you are the second person to mention Freya and tears to me so that would also be interesting. (Granted, I only just started reading this so other opinions should carry more weight.)

  2. I agree with FacingtheFiresWithin. I’d like to see a discussion on the regional differences, being in the Northeast. Not that I have a working relationship with any deity!

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