A week of Gods

Happy Lughnasadh, all! Here’s a friend’s Patheos article on this not-as-well-known Wiccan/Celtic holiday if you’re interested in learning more about it: The Smaller Sabbats

This week was one of those Godsweeks. Often I have Godsdays; this was an entire week. Or perhaps things are just ramping up again and I need to adjust my expectations accordingly, in which case this is just business as usual. Which is happening right as I’m about to pick up a part-time job, so I’m already swamped, but I need the money. *shrug* It is what it is.

(On a side note, once I get hired for this job and decide that it’s a good thing, I’ll write up the story of how I got it. It’s another on the list of “Yes, the Gods are working in my life” examples. But as it’s not yet a done deal, I’ll hold off. It’s pretty certain, though.)

I’m more exhausted than usual, and I couldn’t figure out why until I sat down and wrote out a list of everything priestess-ish that I did this week. So, my week went as follows. Keep in mind that I do actually work full time in the corporate world…

Sunday, I attended a large and much-more-formal-than expected Interfaith event, at which I represented my main Heathen group, met reps from other groups, bonded with other people doing Interfaith, and generally talked and thought about Interfaith stuff all day long. It was the shake hands/kiss babies event extraordinaire, and as such it was immensely useful and also extremely exhausting. (To put my week into perspective–until I started to write this post, I had almost forgotten that this event had even happened.)

Monday was monthly meeting of my main Heathen group, with a lovely program dedicated to Njord. The whole evening was well-thought out and well run, and I’m so glad I didn’t have to do it! (Once it gets written up, I’ll share it here.) It took up an entire evening with socializing and woo, though.

Tuesday was supposed to be a gin tasting but instead turned into an impromptu Hellenic planning session and ritual/dealings with Hermes, Zeus, and Poseidon, only one of whom was in a good mood. I ended Tuesday with an unexpected trip down south to touch base with a friend re: Interfaith stuff and the year-long “Pagan fundamentals” class she is planning.

Wednesday, I skipped another Interfaith event so I could veg at home. That had not been the plan, but that was what happened. (I’m not really sure why there’s so much “official” Interfaith stuff–as opposed to my usual grassroots stuff–happening at the moment; I imagine I’ll find out presently.)

Thursday was a date night! As the Gods are my witnesses, I will be able to date while still doing everything else. (Right, Freya? Right?) The date went well, anyway. And it wasn’t pagan in the slightest, which, sad to say, was actually a relief.

Friday night I had my usual commitment for my 12-step program. I also wrote up and submitted proposals for a ritual and a hospitality suite for PantheaCon, and revised several articles/blog posts to submit to the Patheos Pagan channel coordinator. Also, the entire week hosted a long online discussion with my Hellenes as to whether/what/how to present at PCon.

Saturday was another commitment to my 12-step program, but my involvement keeps my sane enough to do the rest of it, so this is a good thing. Saturday afternoon and evening was camping with a bunch of Morrigan types celebrating Lughnasadh. It was a good way for me to meet more of their group and support a friend who was helping to organize it. They really do throw a nice feast and build a killer campfire. And I got to shoot things with arrows, which is always a win in my book. Still, loooooong day.

Sunday (tomorrow): A Feast for Freya–which I’m not putting on, but I get to attend and continue the Facets of Freya discussion. Oh, yeah–and do laundry.

(Edited: Feast was small but great, and the event of course ended up lasting 5 or so hours while I got caught up with an old friend and the bunch of us finished getting caught up with each other. Or just started to get caught up, depending on how you look at it. So, though fun and fruitful,  it was YET ANOTHER LONG DAY. My own fault, granted, but still.

Monday’s the follow-up interview, so maybe I’ll just stay home and veg on Tuesday… all day. Here’s hoping.

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