Love notes from Freya, 8/12/14

“Wealth. Richness. Get it. Feel the power of the gold!” (Or something along those lines.) Love, Freya

*shrug* Sometimes I just get concepts from Her–she imbues them with urgent emotion, somehow, but they are still just concepts. Apparently She is thinking a lot about money and wealth and wishes to bless us all with such abundance. Sometimes I get the feeling that She is trying to give us All The Money, but is blocked by something; I wish I knew what. Pagans as a group are not the most financially successful crowd; which, given that we have no vow of poverty to uphold, is pretty unnecessary.

(Her “Gold/Wealth/Things that you Value and are Valuable/The Good Life” side is one that I pick up on pretty regularly. I call this side of Her the “Smaug” side, especially when She’s focused on material things.)

Anyway. You, too, deserve to live in the lap of luxury! Here’s some inspiration:

gold bars

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