Love notes from Freya, 8/20/14

Love yourself as you would have others love you. It is in loving ourselves that the earth is healed. Let the love that flows from others collect within you. Open yourself to it, let it gather and grow, let it fill up your pores and empty spaces. Love is a resource that you are given; as valuable as gold. Honor it and use it wisely. Love flows to you from a hundred, million places; love is in everything if you look for it. Let it come to you, and it will.  Don’t block yourself off from this resource. You give love to others and want love in return. Open your mind, heart, and arms; see love for what it is; and accept it. Love, Freya

One of the things I think She’s getting at here is that we often treat other people better than we treat ourselves. We’ll swear and beat ourselves up in a way that we would never do to someone that we love.

Another thing I think She’s getting at is that love comes in many forms. My dad, for example, is not a man of many words and he’s not big on sharing his emotions. Over the years I have learned that his constant fussing over my cars–whether they are up to date on their oil changes, their tires are inflated properly, or whether I’ve gotten a tune-up recently–is his way of showing me his love. I used to think it was him critiquing me one more time for something that I wasn’t doing perfectly. Now I know he’s a man with his own issues and limitations, and one of the few tools he knows for showing his love for me is in making sure my car is taken care of. Love doesn’t always come in the form of presents or passionate declarations. If you open your eyes and try to hear and see what people are actually saying through their actions, you may find that you have a lot more love in your life than you had thought.

The last thing I see in her message is that we need to learn to let love in. Love cannot heal you or support you or wrap itself around you if you refuse to let it in. Before you complain that no one loves you, ask yourself–am I blocking the love that is being given to me?

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