Love notes from Freya, 8/22/14

Seek what pleases you.

Teach yourself to live joyfully.  The world is here for your enjoyment. Find what you need to enjoy life; seize it passionately; and accept the consequences, if consequences ensue. In the final tally, if you have enjoyed your life more than you have  simply “survived” it, then you have won. You will have won! And I rejoice in your winning. Love, Freya

Not much to say here, except–She means every word (though of course She does, She’s a goddess). I have heard this axiom time and time again from Her–usually when I’m stressed or despondent about one thing or another–that the point of life is to enjoy it. If you do, you are winning at this game called life.

6 thoughts on “Love notes from Freya, 8/22/14

      • Heh. My guess is you were arguing against joy being the sole purpose of life, and he was arguing for it? 😉
        I was having a great discussion yesterday with a Freyrs(et. al.)woman about Vanic battle magic. What she came up with was essentially a description of Dionysus’ magic –overwhelming lust, degradation, rational mind being reduced to the most basic primal urges. I refrained from bringing up the Greek connection then, but when I saw your comment, my first thought was, “Yes, I’ve sure they share the same bed pretty often.”

      • Yup. I’m sure they do.

        Actually, the “Joy is the purpose of life” was the thing we agreed on.

        I argued that if he believed this, then one should not do things which did not contribute, or conversely, diminished joy in the lives of his followers.

        For example, initiations that destroy people’s ability to be productive and live full and happy lives, by destroying their sense of self, or by opening them up so much to cosmic forces that they couldn’t deal with real life any more.

        He’s a god of initiation.That’s why we were talking about it.

  1. Maybe he’s not so much the god of boundaries, then? Freya gets ecstatic at the drop of a hat but does not seem to break her followers (much, anyway). Or maybe we just get the constant “shingle heart” syndrome, which can in the long run make us as mad as any Dionysian. Also, Freya *is* about boundaries and respecting yourself and treating yourself with love and care.

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