“Talking” with the Gods

A quick note to clarify what I mean when I say I’ve “talked” with the Gods…

…as I know that some people can get up in arms over the details of stuff like this. I touched on this briefly in my “Why Freya Makes Me Cry” post, about what happens when I check in with her to get my daily (or every other day) Love Notes.

I’m not completely sure that I know what other people mean when they say they’ve talked with their Gods. I think it’s a very personal, idiosyncratic process, and it’s unlikely that any two people do it the same way. Also, the form of communication varies from deity to deity, in my experience. No matter how or what info is shared, my underlying assumption is that it’s always going to be affected by the fact that it is filtered through me–though my experiences, my current mood, and my POV–and so it’s not the truly “the Word of the God(s)”, as the Abrahamic religions profess; it’s just my best stab at interpreting what the Gods are sending me. Also, some days my Deity antennae is tuned better than other days.

Personally, when I check in with a deity, or when a deity or other spirit entity decides to check in with me, a few things happen. If I’m proactive checking in with a deity, I will often look at their statue or altar, or bring to mind the energy or presence I usually associate with them. First, I got a feeling or emotion (especially if I’m talking with Freya, it will be an overwhelming, intense emotion). It will usually be something like the sadness, or joy, or impatience, or what have you. With the feeling comes an image–say, a home; or traveling; or, as with my Love Note for today, Her standing in front of a great Hall with her arms wide open, welcoming people in. Sometimes I’ll get a series of images, as if I were looking at a comic book. Finally, I’ll often get a word, or a concept, or a phrase. I have to combine all of these together to come up with some sort of coherent, relevant message; this is really where my personal experiences and POV really come in to play.

Every once in a while, no matter what I do, no words come through at all; nor can I take any kind of meaningful stab at what the message is based on the images and/or feelings I get. Which is why some of the daily Love Notes I post are just images and/or feelings. Often, then, I’ll attach a song or poem that I think resonates best with the feeling being conveyed. I don’t know why on some days I get more complex messages and on others I get nothing, or just a feeling. I think that’s just the way it goes; I try not to worry about it.

Depending on the god/entity in question, the tone and content of these messages differ. Zeus, for example, either sends me warm, fatherly, encouraging energy, or he spits out a to-do list in bullet point format. He’s not so much for the intense emotions the way Freya is. Again, it usually comes across as just phrases or concepts rather than complete sentences or an essay. Njord generally just sends me support for whatever endeavor I’m currently involved in. Freyr very rarely gives me words or phrases at all; mostly, it’s just an overwhelming feeling of some kind, often more visceral and earthy than the heart-based emotion as I get from Freya. On the few times I’ve connected with Hermes, I also got a lot of emotion (apparently many of the Mediterranean gods are very emotional with quickly changing moods; not like my Norse deities). He also does this thing where he spits out a numbered list of ideas and words so fast that I, personally, can’t keep up with it, though I do have a friend who can parse this form of communication (more power to her). So, really, YMMV, depending on who you are and Who you’re communicating with.

I hope this clears up any questions people might have regarding how I, or others, “talk” to deities. I don’t think its actually much different from the way Christians or other monotheists “talk” to their deities; I’ve often heard them use the same type of language to discuss any messages they receive from their God. So, despite knee-jerk reactions on their parts, I think when it comes down to it, we’re all pretty much doing the same thing.

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