Love notes from Freya, 8/29/14

Motherhoood is a symptom of kindness, and the greatest form of charity. It is the gift that is given without the expectation that something of equal value will be given in return. Who are you mothering today? Who has mothered you?

Honor those who, in their own way, have shown you kindness and compassion and have passed on the knowledge that they themselves fought dearly to gain. Respect their experience, strength, and hope, for without it, where would you be? Motherhood comes in all shapes and forms; look past your blood kin and out to others whom you respect and love. As you draw your strength from them,  be a comfort to them as their own strength wanes. What is remembered, lives, and gives hope to those who come afterwards. It is a gift; honor it as such. Love, Freya

This month appears to be a month of honoring your ancestors, of blood and spirit. May that which is beneficial remain with us and strengthen us, and that which is harmful fade away.

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