Hamingja: Essence of Luck and Resiliency

Great post on one of the key parts of the Old Norse worldview: “luck”.

Wandering Woman Wondering

Luck, often called hamingja, is an important Heathen concept, one that encompasses ancestral aid, as well as a person’s ability to be in the right place at the right time, the whole constellation of a person’s skills and talents, and a person’s ability to rally the support and confidence of others. From my perspective the above mentioned aspects are the bright-side of one’s hamingja. They are the manifestation of one’s luck when one is “winning”, when things are going right and well. But what of luck’s shadow? With what does luck gift us in times of unavoidable darkness and struggle? Are we to assume that times of trouble come when luck has left us?

Luck isn’t gone when trouble comes our way. It’s when things get rough that our luck is tested. Most folks are made of fancy stuff when times are good. It’s when times are bad that we see most fully what destiny…

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