Love notes from Freya, 9/25/14

(I’ve given away the statue of Freya that was my focal point for many of my Love Notes, so we’ll see how it goes minus that crutch.)

Listen to your mothers, the Ancestors. Walk where they have walked. Fight what hey have fought. Draw (tell) what they have written down. Let this manual, based on their combined experiences, guide you in the here and now and help mark the way for your future. For your future is theirs, also. Reap what they have sown. Love, Freya

I’m not sure if I’m getting so many ancestor worship notes recently because of where I am in life (moving back to my old hometown and living with my own mother, albeit temporarily). Or maybe we all just need to spend more time reconnecting to those who came before. They already did half of the work. No need to redo it constantly.

A good friend and fellow priestess explained the relevancy of connecting with our ancestors in this way: “They’re dead. Everyone in their family line, except those few of us who are alive today, are dead. Who else is going to advance their agenda in the living world? YOU! Therefore, you receive the full attention and energy of all of your ancestors, if for no other reasons than YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS ALIVE NOW. No one else on their team is up to bat; just you. It’s your turn. They have power, knowledge, and many gifts to give; let them use this knowledge. Accept their gifts.”

Of course, I appear to be blessed in that my ancestors don’t appear to have major issues that I need to help them work through (yet). So, take it for what it’s worth. Still, Freya is the Vanadis–the main guiding female ancestor spirit of the Vanir–so maybe She does know what She’s talking about when it comes to ancestor work. Food for thought.

2 thoughts on “Love notes from Freya, 9/25/14

  1. Yup 🙂 Honestly, before I got Dedicated, I had never really thought about her Vanadis side and her link to ancestors. I mean, it makes sense, I just never thought about it. I’m getting hammered with it now, though!

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