Updated “On fylgias”

I’ve been reworking my article on fylgias. What is a fylgia? “Fylgia” is a fun Old Norse concept which can indicate either a guardian spirit (for a family or an individual), or the shape a person’s spirit takes while traveling. Some people have one or the other; I have both. Though they seem to be uncommon nowadays, my personal opinion is that more people have one than are aware that they have one.

Fylgias are highly useful and all-around cool things to have. I’m blessed to have become aware of mine, and I wish everyone else all the luck in finding and connecting with theirs. Consider it a rightful part of your inheritance.

4 thoughts on “Updated “On fylgias”

  1. This sounds like the Greek concept of “Agathos Daimon” or “The Good Spirit”
    usually associated with a household or person.

    Frater K.D. also explains in his (I think only) book entitled “Goddess Magic,” which is counter-intuitively a book about Ceremonial Magic and Arabian lore, that each person is born with a good djinn and an evil djinn that looks over them.

    The concept probably exists in many cultures under different names.

  2. I’ve heard that, actually about the daimons. Hmm, sounds more like the angel/devil on your shoulder thing. actually. Is the Greek daimon tied into a person’s soul/spirit or ancestral line somehow?

    • The Agathos Daimon might be passed down from parents to children. Certainly, there is evidence that household gods were. Some modern Greek Theurgists re-tooled the concept of Agathos Daimon for individuals for use with Thelemic “Higher Self” related concepts, like the HGA, which, for sure, is tied to a person’s spirit or soul.

      No idea how authentic that actually is, though.

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