What it is and what it is not.

Currently, my personal theology comes down to this: I know that Freya is not omnipotent (none of the Gods are, in the polytheistic worldview), but in my life, she might as well be.

And perhaps that’s what it really comes down to: in my life, She has that much power. (And uses it, boy howdy. cf. the move to the Midwest that I’m currently engaged in.)


My main essential question, the one that has powered my life and guided my choices, has always been “What  can we know about the Divine?” And the smaller attendant questions: “Who is God (however it is defined)? What does it mean to understand Him/Her/It? Does this experience help me understand the Divine better? Where should I go to learn more about the Divine? Will I ever fully know what it means to be divine, and to be a human in relationship with the Divine?” And so on and so forth.

So it will probably not come as that much of a surprise to hear that, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a monk when I grew up (granted I’m female, but being a nun just did not seem nearly as interesting). Because, really–sitting around praying, meditating, discussing God, and living in service to that God all day, every day? Without having to worry about mundane things like bills and dishes and such? What could be more awesome?

Yes, I am a religious geek.

I have a lot to process regarding theology, most of which will probably make it to the blog. What does Freya think about my preoccupation with theological discussions at the moment? From what I can gather, She thinks it’s interesting but redirects my attention to the natural beauty outside my window and bids me to go join it. There’s always time for theology later. 🙂

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