More November Miscellany

In no particular order:

Hanging out with a friend when I was floating around in November gave me a chance to have a girls night in–watching Sherlock and painting our nails. Mine were five different colors (one per nail), pink through dark red, with clear gold glitter overcoat. Yeah, baby. Sparkly umbre.

The Midwest is still green in mid-November. WTF? Some trees are even budding again. Poor things; they’ll fall off with the first freeze. The rest of this week will be in the low 20s, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

I realized as I set up my Freya altar last night that She wanted different things on it. Now it has dark colors and the Odin altar is right next to it. I have to admit that they do look good together. (Of course, that could be because my current image of Him is the one I call the “Fabi-Odin”, because he’s fabulous like Fabio.) I think this phase of my development will put me in contact with a different side of Her. Something older, more primal and autumn-ish, possibly focused on ancestors and such. Maybe seidh stuff; definitely rune stuff. Less with the gold glowiness, hearts, and lovelovelove! side of my Lady that I had been getting so much of this past year.

My cat, the one who braved the cross-country trip with me, was quite a trooper. Relatively little meowing and no accidents, either in the car or in the hotel rooms. What a good boy! Though now he’s in hiding from my parents’ two dogs, poor guy. I find it amusing that the cat I ended up taking with me on this dark side of the year descent is named in honor of one of the Egyptian gods of the underworld, Anubis. (That’s “Noobie”, to his friends.)

I’ve been fighting off a head cold since I landed in my hometown last week. Colds are annoying enough to begin with, but when I’m sick, my mood can go from moderately optimistic to existentialist in five minutes flat (*hack* “What does it all mean, really?” *cough*). Bah.

Had some interesting stuff come up with Ullr and Odin right before I left town. Will post more about it later. Suffice it to say that Ullr’s out and about more than I had realized, and apparently He’s more than just the god of hunting on skis.

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