Love notes from Freya, 11-25-14

All day today, and most of yesterday, when I checked in with Her, I got this image: her donning fancy clothes, getting ready to go out. Not “out” as in to a party, nor “out” as in to a battlefield, just–out. Fur, cloak, rings, necklace, headpiece; determined expression. Pure “game face”. Dressed to go outside and get started, on whatever it is that She is doing.  She has places to go. Maybe diplomatic stuff? I dunno.

Sorry, ya’ll. That’s all I got.

6 thoughts on “Love notes from Freya, 11-25-14

    • Oddly enough, I’ve never really thought about her wardrobe. Her jewelry, yes; clothes not so much. But I tend not to get a lot of specific details about any of her external features in general. I know other people, though, who can practically name the designer she’s wearing. Assuming they have clothing designers in Vanaheim or Asgard. 🙂
      From what I have been able to see, though, She has a lot of furs, fine wools, and silk. And a tendency toward reds, golds, whites and browns (furs), and blacks/navys. (She also has Her green side; it’s just not the side that I often get.)

      • Wow. No, I have only gotten a visual of Her face once. That’s wonderful that people get such up close visions that they can tell what designers She is wearing. Ehehehhe.

        Mmm that makes sense to me. Especially furs and silks. So comfy.

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