Freya gratitude: Thanksgiving 2014

Freya is a gift-giver; it is always a good idea to remember the gifts that She has given me.

Gifts from my Lady:

1. My family, and the healing relationships therein. Support and love from them.

2. My recovery

3. My love for myself

4. My relationships with the many beautiful, interesting, spiritual, creative, and otherwise awesome people in my life

5. Seeing beauty in the world, when I choose to open my eyes and see it

6. Hope–that tomorrow will be even better than today

7. The ability to help others and do good in the world

8. The ability to connect with my Lady in a way that many others can’t

9. The opportunity to worship and honor those deities, spirits, and ancestors when and how I want

10. A loving, healthy cat with me, and a good fostering situation for my red-haired tomcat

11. A job. It was clearly a gift from her, and because of it I have money and flexibility.

12. Technology. I do love my gadgets.

13. My health.

14. Community, in every sense of the word.

Heilsa Freya!

One thought on “Freya gratitude: Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Thank you for sharing. I recently agreed to do some Work for Her. It didn’t occur to me to think She had been helping me out with self love… Which is really helpful during depression. Hmmm. Thanks. Yay Freyja!

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