A Prayer of Acceptance and Surrender

In sitting down with myself the past few days, I find myself filled with fear. Now that I’m settled physically, and am no longer leading a nomadic life, I can allow myself to feel that fear. Hopefully in feeling it I will also be able to release it, and move on to a happier life that my Lady has promised me. “So, this change is a good thing, then?” I had asked her before I left. “That depends entirely on you,” She had replied. That’s a very scary answer to hear, when I’ve spent so much of my time relying on her–first in my program, and then as I worked my way back into the Heathen community from which I had temporarily withdrawn.

Still, my experience in recovery points to two solutions: Do the footwork, and rely on Her. Do the footwork, and rely on Her. And do the footwork. And rely on Her. So I fall back on a program prayer to help see me through, when I am feeling too full of fear to reach out to Her the way I know I should. Trust in the process, says my program. And here’s hoping that, like every time in the past, it helps pull me through. Paradoxically, I have often found that my greatest strength and peace of mind comes when I gracefully and willingly surrender myself to Her.

A Prayer to Freya

Freya, I offer myself to you,
to build with me
and to do with me as you will.
Relieve me of the bondage of self,
that I may better do your work.
Take away my difficulties,
that victory over them may bear witness
to those I would help of you power,
love, and benefaction.
Help me do your work always.

(11/30/14–edited to remove unnecessary biblical language)

Heilsa, my lovely Lady.

3 thoughts on “A Prayer of Acceptance and Surrender

  1. So beautiful. I always get so much out of reading about your spiritual process as it continues to unfold. Thank you for being so generous with your own story – the glimpses of your process I see you writing about help me to find more clarity on my own spiritual process. This bit about surrender and faith… it can be so hard, but so important. And when one is oathed to Gods, the giving of ourselves, the surrender, the faith in them isn’t a thing we do once in a declaration and then are done. Faith is an ongoing practice, a thing we keep re-committing to. The gift of our faith is a gift we keep re-gifting to our beloved Powers.

    • Thanks, Riv 😉
      “The gift of our faith is a gift we keep re-gifting to our beloved Powers”–good point, and one I don’t always remember. Our trust, faith, and surrender are *gifts* that we give to Them. I usually see it as more of how the practice can help me, and less how it helps Them, but it is a gift. It’s a cycle of giving that just keeps on giving. 😀

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