Deep thoughts–Norse, vol. 1

Thor got his hammer Mjölnir (and the matching glove), Odin got his arm-ring Draupnir (which drops nice new gold armbands every nine days), and Freyr got his golden boar Gullinbursti–all for free–because Loki played two groups of dwarves off of each other. (He was making up for having cut off all of Sif’s hair, true; but dude–totally double dealing.) Likewise, in that same deal, Odin received his spear Gungnir and Freyr receives his ship Skíðblaðnir (which is the fastest of ships and can be folded up very small, like a piece of cloth), and Sif received actual gold hair.

These symbols, particularly Thor’s hammer and Odin’s spear, are key signifiers for these gods. What did they do to earn them? In classic Norse deity fashion, they did nada. Nothing. Loki pulled the prank and Loki did the work to fix it, and as a side effect the Gods received some pretty cool shit. On the other hand, Freya has Brisignamen as her key symbol, but She was not given the Brising necklace for free. She made the deal, she paid the price. She earned it.

Kinda makes you think. Who’s more badass here–the male deities, or Freya?

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