Dedication Contract renewal, January 2015

I realized, while going through and organizing the Dedication process stuff I went through last year, that the reason I am doing all of that analysis work now is because She wants me to finish integrating it within myself as well. A new year, a new rendering of who I am and what it means to me to be a woman dedicated to a Goddess.

Dedication to Freya–Contract renewal, January 2015 (With a few minor updates and revisions)
Freya, I offer you my dedication. I stand here as your child, as your intermediary between Vanaheim and Midgard, the realms of the living and the realms of the dead.

I ask you to guide my way here in this world. You are aware of and understand so much more than I ever can, and from my many years of working with you, I know that you love me more fully and deeply than I can comprehend. You have given me gifts I would not have thought to ask for; you have fulfilled wishes I did not know I had. You continue to help me love myself and to see beauty in all things in the world. You have gifted me with many great experiences, and you have walked me through an initiation that has expanded and transformed the capacity of my heart.

I know that the gifts that you have given to me have been freely given. But I also know that I owe you in return.

I offer to help facilitate your voice and your presence here on earth. I will continue to spread word of your gifts and mysteries and to promote the Vanir, the Aesir, and Heathenry where I can. With your help and guidance, I will strive to be an example of a loving, compassionate priestess in a healthy God-relationship. I hope to become a living example that a relationship with you or any of the Gods can be one of the greatest blessings that we can receive.

I know that being your priestess will not be easy. I know that your path is a difficult one and that I will face circumstances that I cannot now predict. I know that whatever challenge you throw my way, your love and support will see me through it.  When I come to roadblocks and challenges, I ask that you give me the option to handle them in proactive way while still learning the intended lesson. I know that only by fully embracing my side of the work will I be able to reap the benefits of your hard work on my behalf.

I know that to be your priestess is to walk a path of service, and that in order to serve and help others I must first take care of myself. If I am struggling financially, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, I will not be able to act as your representative as often or as fully as either of us would like. I ask that you guide me to opportunities to gain security and contentment in all of these areas so that my needs will be provided for. The path of self-nurturance does not come easily for me, and I will need all of your support to make it a reality.

As a Goddess of the Vanir, I know of your love for the tangible world. As such, I offer you the use of my body and senses to directly interact with other humans and all of the other pleasures that this world has to offer. I trust that, as a goddess of love self-respect, you will always honor my boundaries and physical and emotional needs while you are in my body. Each time you visit, I will make clear to you what my needs and boundaries are at that time. I take joy in your visits, and ask only that when you leave, you leave enough of yourself in me so that I can sense you when I return and know that I am not alone.

Though I dedicate myself to you, I know that I will also have many other relationships with humans, spirits, and other entities. Some of these relationships will be at your urging; some will not. Know that of all of the other relationships I enter into, my relationship with you will be primary. I consider myself Your daughter, and ask that you defend me from other entities should the need arise.

Finally, I ask that, when all is said and done, and I am to go from this physical life, that you take me with you to your Hall in Vanaheim that I might rest with all those who have gone before me.

I dedicate myself to you.

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