Deep thoughts: Priest/ess version

So I get pinged now and again about what it is/would be like to have that component of your primarily deity actually present in your life. For example, to be a devotee of the Morrigan’s and to be  an active solider. Or to work for Zeus and be a CEO or politician. Or to follow Njord and be a tradesperson or a fisherman. Or to be a Freyaswoman… and to be in a relationship. As I’m currently not in any kind of romantic/sexual relationship (an unusual circumstance, but true nonetheless), I have to wonder–what part of Her stuff am I missing? I’ve only had the one relationship since my actual dedication (and it was powerful, but, for a variety of reasons, short), and I’m wondering what it is actually that I’m missing. (Aside from the usual benefits of a relationship 🙂 )

*shrug* Time will tell, but I wonder…. how much of our understanding of our primary entities can we truly “get” if we are not participating in their area of expertise?

2 thoughts on “Deep thoughts: Priest/ess version

  1. She has multiple areas of expertise – maybe She just wants you to experience some of the others? Or perhaps there’s a particular area of love that She thinks you need? IDK, but something to ponder?

    • Honestly, I know she has me working on so many other things right now, and absolutely none of them are romance-oriented, that I think if I did end up hooking up with someone, it really would be a side thing, which is not how I have ever run any of my relationships. (But Freya being Freya, She’s happy if I’m getting laid regularly–this I know this from past experience. Maybe all deities are happy if their devotees are getting laid? /shrug)

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