So I’m deep in travel planning mode right now. So much to see, only 10 days to see it in (including jet lag!) I’m obsessively browsing travel backpacks, “Best of” Scandinavia sites, and watching Rick Steves. I just broke down and ordered full-size fold-out maps of Southern Sweden/Norway and a wall map from Nat’l Geo, and I am totally going to paste that thing up on the wall and start putting little colored flags and red tape on it. Booyah! I feel like I’m 21 again and planning my first extended trip, which was a semester abroad in Northern Wales (beautiful country and culture; everyone should go!) We took an extended Spring Break tour to Ireland, France, Germany, and Switzerland as well, so I well know the importance of finding the Perfect Travel Backpack ™. I loved my L.L. Bean ones–they were extremely durable, and did everything I asked them to–but they don’t seem to be making as many now as they did back then.

I’m going to Scandinavia!! I almost don’t know which I enjoy more, the planning or the actual trip. 🙂

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