When the Ladies party…

I was working on favors for my Freya ritual this evening–poured libations and offerings to Freya (chocolate muffin, fresh peaches, honey whiskey) and and the Dwarves (I was crafting, after all). Aphrodite slid up to me and batted her eyes, so I asked Freya if She could come as well. (I’m never quite sure what Freya’s reaction is going to be; I think there may be some love/beauty competition going on there.) This evening, it was “Sure!” and an excited pat next to her statue. So I made an offering to Aphrodite as well (Baileys). And despite the fact that I had 12 or so colors to choose from, everything I made this evening turned out an interested swirly shade of golden pink. 🙂

I spent the night listening to a Norse folk trad playlist, but whenever I would focus my energy on the Ladies, all I could hear was this…

My girl’s name is Senora
I tell you friends, I adore her
And when she dances, oh brother!
She’s a hurricane in all kinds of weather

2 thoughts on “When the Ladies party…

  1. I’ve always wondered if honoring many gods was alright I’ve always told myself that multiple religons were a test of the gods and this post confirmed something for me so thank you

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