And a God descended

So a few days ago, my lady said this: “The time of birth/Berkana is coming. What was hidden under the ground* will come forth. Be prepared. Love, Freya”.

Out in the Bay Area, there’s a phrase we often say: “Suddenly Odin”. It’s shorthand for “some poor sod just got gobsmacked by Odin and we need to rush in an help the newb get their sanity back and give them some groundrules for dealing with the Old Man”. (At least, that’s my interpretation of it.) From what I’ve seen, Odin has a habit of landing in people’s lives in a dramatic way and breaking open their heads.

Well, tonight was “Suddenly Freyr”. I had no idea he could be so sneaky, but I guess my days of living without him are over. Suddenly Odin = head cracked open. Suddenly Freyr = heart cracked open, like in a major way. Likely other things will be cracking but it’s too soon to tell. But it’s not like Freyr hasn’t been hanging around, leering. (Well, I’ve seen it as leering, mainly because I’m not real comfortable with male gods getting all up in my personal space.) The sky Gods in my life–Zeus and Odin, and to a lesser extent, Hermes–do it too, but I’m more comfortable with them. They’re, well, off in the sky more often than not, and more detached and in the realm of the mind. Freyr… well, he’s like my Lady (being her twin brother and all). He’s RIGHT HERE, up close and personal.


And this had to happen right before PantheaCon, which will have been–this year in particular, for a variety of reasons–a heart-wrenching experience in any event. Well, at least now I can go into it with Freyr at my back. And yet I feel oddly comforted that he’ll be there. This will be fascinating.

At least my goddess can’t say that She didn’t warn me.

*Freyr goes “into the mound” during the winter, and we just passed the first holiday of Spring, Imbolc. The Vanir are much more in tune with the seasonal/Wiccan calendar than I am, apparently.

3 thoughts on “And a God descended

  1. As one of those Suddenly Odin people (well, not exactly sudden and also not a left coast person), all I can do is shake my head and smirk.

      • Well I was a Suddenly Odin in 2003 so I think I was one of the earlier ones. 😉 And He does get around a lot. I can tell you about it next weekend since I prefer not sharing the stories online now.

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