“What is Lokean?” by Dagulf Loptson

Great (long) article on Polytheist.com by Dagulf Loptson about all things Lokean. I particularly like the Nine Lokean Virtues he adds in at the end. I’d love to hear back from the Lokeans on my list to see how their experience compares with his.

The Nine Lokean Virtues:

1. Truth: Be real. Be true to yourself as much as you are to others. Don’t apologize for who you are.

2. Humor: Learn to find the humor in all things, especially in yourself. This is how we learn not to be self-righteous assholes.

3. Humility: If you need to tie your balls to a goat to get shit done, suck it up buttercup.

4. Cunning: Try to think outside the box. Don’t make a mess so big that you can’t think your way out of it.

5. Transformation: Don’t be afraid of change, because that’s how we grow. Don’t be afraid of self-examination and listen to constructive criticism.

6. Creativity: Create awesome stuff. Try new things out. If you don’t like it, blow it up and try again.

7. Accountability: You are the only one in charge of your own destiny, your own life, and your own actions. Own your shit.

8. Empathy: Try to see things from more than one perspective. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you pass judgment.

9. Experimentation: A mistake is only a mistake if you do it twice. Until then, everything is an experiment.

2 thoughts on ““What is Lokean?” by Dagulf Loptson

  1. There are so many “don’t” s in that list. I think rephrasing the virtues without that word would make them feel more encouraging.

    I think I would add something about respecting being stagnant–cuz sometimes it happens–but to catch yourself before becoming lethargic. Boredom can be a wonderful state for allowing creativity so I would wrote that in too.

    Hmmm. I would also add in “Self-respect”. Honouring your own monstrosity, flaws, joys, silliness, and dreams is really important.

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