Freyr’s in the house

…and Freya could not be happier. Sigh.

I kinda feel like I did when I got mindjacked by Zeus a few years back. It was all “big dominant masculine force all up in my shit”, with no warning. Freyr’s energy is much different–earthy, sexy–but they both have this sense of complete and utter confidence in life and the world in general that I find difficult to grok. Confident female energy? Hell yeah! Domineeringant male energy? Um…

But landed Freyr has. It’s just that he has such a huge energy, and it’s gonna take some adjusting. It’s got an unmistakeable heft to it, a great weight. … And it’s going to take a better person than I am to avoid the constant flow of sexual double entendres any time I post about this. Seriously, though, these are the adjectives that come to mind describing Him. What can I say? And, come on–this is his iconic image, straight out of antiquity:

Freyr artifact

I mean, he was one of the Gods for whom historians and archaeologists coined the term “ithyphallic”, for crying out loud. What little bit of distance my head was still out of the gutter is now gone, and it has been replaced by a married sibling pair of fertility deities raucously laughing at me. (Well, laughing near me, but still.) I work in the corporate world (and when I don’t, I’m teaching) so I at least attempt a modicum of propriety now and then. I’ve always seen Freya and Freyr as being like those two obnoxious kids who, once one starts laughing, the other starts, and when someone tries to stop them, they both laugh harder–ie, they exacerbate each other’s qualities rather than balance them out. I can see within their relationship, there are ways they balance each other out, definitely–but who’s going to balance out their sheer Vanic-ness, I ask you?

5 thoughts on “Freyr’s in the house


    *cough* I mean, that’s great, I’m happy that more people are recognizing how awesome Freyr is. Also, I have no protips at all on how to deal with Them in terms of gaining more propriety. I *am* married to Loki, after all, and I could offer to ask Him for your assistance, but I’m not sure He’d solve the problem in the way you’re looking for.

    • Yeah, I figured 😛 I keep forgetting that you’re his daughter, too. I always just think of you and Loki. Would love to hear at some point how that whole situation with Freyr came about. Sigh, Gods.

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