PantheaCon Check-In, Saturday

Today’s events, in roughly chronological order:

–A crowded room of radicals and Gods. Good discussion/lecture by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth. Mix of input from BNPs (Starhawk, T. Thorn Coyle, PSVL) and as well as not-as-big name pagans, which is always nice imho. I hate to be talked at, so it was nice to feel that I could included in the conversation if I wanted to.
–Caught up with a good friend instead of going to the Growing Pagan Leadership panel. Catching up with her helped me ground and fix me more in the here and now, even though I was really interested in hearing the Leadership ideas and POVs. But, as per the way of Cons, the right option popped up right when I needed it, even if I didn’t know that I needed it. And it actually gave me the chance to sit and eat lunch, which was my first sit-down meal since Con started.
–Also ended up missing the Warding Discussion panel, which I had been hearing about from several quarters for months now, but it ended up being right around the time I should be up in the Greek suite prepping for a Hera/Zeus ritual. And as I haven’t been giving the Greeks much time/attention at all, for several months now, I couldn’t really shirk. Nor did I want to, actually. Luckily the warding panel was taped so I should get a chance to watch it later. Did a small bit of shopping and ended up with a really odd shirt with a bunch of death imagery. Not my usual cup of tea but that’s what really called to me, so…
–Participated in the Greek suite’s Zeus/Hera ritual; chatted with visitors and was social. I think the Suite is working out well 🙂 It’s growing organically, and there’s a lot of fun to be had. And reeeally sweet rum punches.
–Didn’t grab dinner, but went straight to the Morrigan “Rise to Action” ritual Very powerful–palpable energy, great authentic sense of interaction with the Morrigan and what she represents. Well done, Coru!
–Then, again with no dinner, ran to the Dionysus God of the Revels ritual put on by Pandemos (who is also running the Greek suite; so, my people). This went really well as well and was very powerful, but, as you may imagine, had a completely different vibe. 🙂
–After the Dio ritual, the most of the gang retired to the suite for more Greek shenanigans. I had to cut out early to help out a friend (and finally get a sit-down dinner).

And it’s taking almost two hours to wind down. Sleep is good. I have three events tomorrow! (Technically I could roll out of bed and into them five minutes before they started, if I had to, but where’s the fun in that? And despite how much Freya loves me, I don’t think she’d be pleased.)

Also, both my new Freya Priestess business cards (which match the blog!) went missing, and the pendants I made for the Facets ritual. I only made the cards because everyone else seemed to have them, and it’s an efficient way to  get contact information out to people I meet throughout the Con. The current theory is that well, ha! I thought I was just a Freya priestess, but nooo I’m also going to be a priestess of the Twins (Freyr and Freya), so those old cards just won’t do! It’s really weird to compare how organized I was last year–Freya handout, flyers, outfits, activities, etc.–to this year, even though I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more experience. Just goes to show how organizational level does not equal experience. Or something.

As for the pendants, I’m just hoping one of the other Freyaswomen picked them up after our last rehearsal. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

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