PantheaCon 2015–Love Notes

In my opinion the “Love Notes from Freya” are random priestessing at its finest. This year’s Love Notes were a success. Not necessarily in the popularity of the notes (though people were still happy to receive them), but in the relevance of the messages themselves. Even factoring in some leeway for the “horoscope effect” (that poorly-written horoscopes can apply to almost any person), the notes really did seem to have pinpoint accuracy for many of those who received them. How do I know this? I noticed people’s reactions, and asked them for their feedback. I’d estimate that 3 out of every 4 people were shocked at how accurate they were. Also, spontaneously bursting into tears (as about 1 in 4 people did) is a pretty good indicator that something had happened. Not that I particularly intended to make people cry; it just happens. (See my post on the aftereffects of meeting Freya as to why this often happens.)

In any event, it’s a job well done; and it’s becoming something that I’m known for, which is cool. Also, I have some left over, which is a happy-making thing as my Freya channel is currently exhausted from overuse.

(Take that as you will.)

Love Notes from Freya, 2/17/15:

How could anyone not love you? You are gorgeous and blest. If the right one for you has not yet appeared, it’s because he’s still cooking. Love, Freya

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