This is the Con that does not end

….it just goes on and on my friend. For serious.

(To be filed under #bitchingandbragging)

So, it’s almost week after Con officially ended, and I’m still wrapping up some spiritwork stuff.

So, spiritwork. Godswork. It’s been a Godsweek, this week has. I haven’t posted about any Godsdays or Godsweeks since I left for the Midwest, but put me back in CA for a few days and it becomes a vacation full of Godsthings.

Con, of course, was full of Gods. The week prior I did some stuff–practicing rituals and making Love notes for the most part, iirc, and enduring a two-hour sit-down (read: pointed lecture) from Freya. Then at Con, I led a blot; led a myth embodiment (which, though low woo, is actually quite good of deepening intimacy and understanding of the Gods); helped lead the Facets of Freya devotional; helped with the Asatru and Greek (Pandemos) hospitality suites; and lent energy to the Pandemos Dionysus ritual. Plus I attended the Coru event, and, as ever, was shadowed by my Lady while doing so. And then Monday was full of exhausted polytheists (and likely, our associated Gods) catching up in various formations on our about of the hotel.

In theory, Con was over. However, Con always has fallout, and Tuesday I ended up helping to care for a Morrigan friend and getting an (Odins?)Bear to the airport. Wednesday and Thursday were spent visiting a non-Pagan friend (whew!), but Friday we were back to the Care and Maintenance of the Morrigan’s kids, for whom I ended up trancing a newish facet of Freya. Today was spent deepening a relationship with Freyr, and tonight I ended up trancing Him and Freya for another friend. What with the Freya ritual and blot, it’s been a full week of trancing. All for good, useful reasons, certainly, but a lot more than I’ve ever done in such a short amount of time. So, I’m wiped.

Sooo wiped. And though I love many of the people and things out here in CA, I think I will be grateful to get back to my cold, slow-paced Midwestern life next week.

(Someone remind me of this when I start to whine in a few weeks about being lonely and cold.)

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