John Denver, an avatar of Freyr

One of John Denver’s guitarists, who used to tour with Elvis, talks about how John could take an audience of, say, 32,000; invite their emotions up there on the stage with the band; and make each of them feel like they were sitting around some private campfire with him, sharing stories and songs deep into the night. Many of his songs talk about happiness, nature, being content, and appreciating beauty and love–just the simple pleasures of being fully in that moment and appreciating it for the gift that it is, all of which are key components of Freyr’s character, in my opinion.

To me, this song is one of the most Freyr songs that there is–talking about feeling love through all of your senses, as if it were the very air, land, and sea around him. I specifically chose this version of “Annie’s Song”, because, though the sound quality is not great, his heart clearly shines through, and we get a glimpse of what it was like to attend one of his concerts. (The recordings of this song that he made after he and his wife divorced, though still beautiful, have more of an underlying layer of poignancy to them.)

I like to think that Freyr and Gerd–or even Freyr and Freya–never lost that open-hearted innocence in their love for each other. That there are some facets of Them and Their relationships where this is still as true today as it was when they first connected. If I’m lucky, I get a glimpse of it–the lightness of heart to balance out the raw intensity; innocence and openness to balance ages of obsessive carnality.

Anyway… here he is, in all of his raw-boned, shaggy-haired glory, singing one of my favorite songs. Singing from the heart, about the woman he loved, and drawing us all in as if we were sitting right next to him, feeling that hush and intensity with him. An avatar of Freyr? Why yes–I do believe he was.

(And the things I would have loved to do with that man, let me tell you…granny glasses and all. /sigh)

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