State of the Altar: Fully libated

Due to a variety of sources (not the least being input from Odin, Freya, and my ancestors), Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey has become my Norse altar’s house libation of choice. It’s also become a good indicator as to whether/how strongly Freya is in the house; if I can take shots of it as if it were sugar water, She’s in. If it burns my throat the whole way down, She’s not at home.

fully libated

Main Altar

Matronae libations

New Matronae altar (in progress)

4 thoughts on “State of the Altar: Fully libated

    • Oh, I bet 🙂 Mead is always best; it’s just hard to get mead of any quality unless you make it yourself. I figure honey whiskey is a good second best. Odin, in particular, seems to like it. I have matching shot glasses from a holiday pack of it that went directly to Odin and Loki–it was like, “Matching whiskey shot glasses? Well, for the blood brothers, of course.”

  1. I’ve offered a locally-brewed hopped mead to Bragi in the past. I also libated with Guinness (it’s GOOD for you!) last week. Any thoughts on those?

    • Heh, I think any mead will make Bragi happy. I don’t work with him, but as a god of Storytelling and Skalds, my guess is he’ll be happy drinking anything, particularly if it’s in a shared setting (so, yes, Guinness, the classic pub drink, would be good, too). But as long as someone has thought of him and set it aside specifically for him, I think He’s
      good. And maybe said a nice bit of poetry in his honor.

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