Facets of Freya Ritual, script

So, I might have mentioned at some point that I spearheaded a ritual called the “Facets of Freya Devotional”, which our informal group of Freyaswomen presented at PCon this year. I’ve been just a tad obsessed with this concept (and the resultant ritual) since my initiation with Freya back in October 2013. To be here at the end of the process, writing up how it went and posting the ritual, is kind of surreal, to put it mildly. Now that it’s over and everything went smashingly, I can finally exhale. (I’ll post about my experience and impressions of how it went later, I think. Still digesting.)

The group enthusiastically agreed that I should post the ritual in its entirety up on the blog. You find find the outline here and the full version (with monologues and guided meditation) here. We’re all very proud of it. (Feel free to use any or all of it, but if you do, I’d appreciate if you included a “Freyja’s Aett”(c) somewhere in it.) We had set up an email list last fall and have been discussing various facets that we saw in Her and how those were defined. Each invocation/monologue was written by the Freyaswowan who performed it; the welcome and guided meditation (and my monologue/invocation) was written by me. The ritual structure was a group effort as well, and I’m really impressed with how it all come together and how well it all went on the day of. It was great deal of Good Work that I hope to continue and expand upon in the future. Freya is not getting nearly as much press as She deserves (or this world needs). 😉

Freyja_by_DebsDen(“Freyja”, by DebsDen)

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