6 thoughts on “Deep thoughts: St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Why do Celtic- and Druid-types despise St. Patrick’s Day? I’m not exactly ‘in the know’ (although I think I know the answer, I’m just not sure) hence the question. Blessings.

    • I’m talking Celtic pagans/modern druids, just to clarify.

      From what I’ve seen, it’s a couple of things: 1) Just like Wiccans get inundated with attention on Halloween from non-pagans and the media, Celts/Druids get sick of having to explain what the holiday is and what it means over and over again, to people who aren’t actually interested in the religious/spiritual aspect of the day or their religion. 2) The underlying story is filled with in accuracies. 3) Inaccurate or not, it is a celebration based on Christians *defeating* the pagans and driving them out, which would be irritating in any circumstance. 4) Just because they worship/work with Celtic deities does not mean that the work with the *Irish* ones, and people often assume that Celtic = Irish. And 5) It focuses on the cheesiest stereotypes of Irish culture–leprechauns, four-leaf-clovers, getting drunk on Guinness and green beer. But these are just the ones I’ve run into.

      • Ah, okay. Yea I thought it was for some of those reasons (mainly, though, I thought it was cause no. 3; seems similar to issues people have with Columbus Day). I didn’t know no. 1 was a thing considering it’s a Christian holiday why ask a non-Christian about it? But, then again, people don’t necessarily ‘make sense’. And, yea, I remember in the past reading stuff where folks complained about the term ‘Celtic’ and how could almost always be replaced by a more accurate term. Anyway, thanks for the clarification! Blessings.

      • Sure 🙂 I hope I didn’t bombard you with answers. As for no.1, I think people just see that they “like Celtic stuff” so of course they’d celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

        Also, completely off topic; iirc, you are located in IL?

  2. Nope. I did not feel bombarded at all. In fact, my brain thanks you for contributing to the knowledge base; you were nicely thorough. And, yea, I see what you’re saying: it’s all green to them! That sort of thinking seems rampant these days which is why some folks have become very vocal about identifiers and stuff. Re: your completely off-topic question, no ma’am, I am not located in IL. I’m located in the Big Apple!

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