Why I blog… (reason #1)

(EDITED: On a somewhat related note, I just ran across a pretty cool site dedicated to Freya on Tumblr: http://rosesandlovewithfreyja.tumblr.com/, which has great pics and poetry. I’ve successfully avoided Tumblr up until this point, but I may need to actually start poking around and see what’s there.)

But unfortunately, there’s also bad, inaccurate, and poorly researched data about Freya readily available on the internet. Case in point: http://www.valkyrietower.com/freyja.html. If I was a newbie who knew nothing of Freya or Heathenry or Norse scholarship, I would look at this site and go, “Whoa! She quotes stuff. With page numbers and everything. From a variety of sources. This must be legit!” It should be mentioned that I of all people recently (given my Facets of Freya ritual) know that She’s a complex Goddess with a lot going on. But at some point, you have to call “bullshit”.

Why is this site bad? Look at who she’s quoting. Ed Fitch is not a great resource on Norse mythology (or runes, for that matter.) Nor does a book called Magical Pantheons have well-researched info (Freya is a triple goddess, did ya know?) Or the Rune Vision Card Deck, which tells us that the first aett in the Elder Futhark is Freyaj’s Aett (does Freyr know this, I wonder.) And, according to Silver Ravenwolf (The Rune Mysteries), Freya is associated with the extinct Caspian tiger and “wanders at night accompanied by silver-gray hares”. The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe does seem to have good information, but the only other source on this website that even looks vaguely familiar is Freya Aswynn’s Northern Mysteries, and Aswynn’s stuff needs to be taken with a grain of salt and a good dose of knowledge of the myths and how modern people have experienced Her.

There is probably good info in all of these sources if I look hard enough, but if I didn’t have a firm foundation in the source material and the Heathen community as a whole, I would have no idea who Freya actually was based on these sources. There probably is a goddess who runs with silver-gray hares, but unless She has laid down some pretty idiosyncratic UPG, that’s not actually Freya with whom you are talking. Also, there are goddesses who can legitimately be called “Triple Goddesses”; Freya is not one of them. Freya has facets; Freya took many names as She traveled; and it can be argued that several of the other Goddesses/characters are actually Freya (Gullveig; Horn, Mardoll, etc)–but an actual tripartite goddess She is not.

So, why do I blog? This is why I blog.  I do it because I care about my Goddess and want other people to have a chance to learn about Her, not some hybridized neo-Celtic mishmash of goddess attributes. Freya has Her own identity. She deserves to be known and honored as such.

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