Prayer for Light: A prayer for Frey, by Joshua Tenpenny

I went looking for poetry devoted to Freyr, and I came across this beautiful, heartfelt prayer on

Prayer for Light, by Joshua Tenpenny

Hail Frey, my Fulltrui, god of my heart,
You are with me now,
as you always have been,
and always will be,
in times of need, and of plenty,
in times of folly, and of wisdom,
in times of sorrow, and of joy.

Help me to remember
that the spark of your light
which resides in my heart
can be kindled into a bright flame,
of love, and of hope, and of joy,
if only I will it,
no matter how bleak the circumstances.

Help me to remember
that Love is an infinite resource,
an inexhaustible supply,
which does not need to be saved
for some special occasion,
or measured out by the teaspoonful,
given only when earned.

Help me to remember,
that I can share this light with others,
without passing judgment on them,
and that withholding it harms me
far more than it harms them.

Help me find the strength
to release anger, fear, and despair,
and choose joy.
In your name, may I always choose joy.

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