What to write (March 2015 version)

So I realized I haven’t posted a lot of personal content recently. Part of that is due to the fact that I’m a lot busier at work, and so, after work, I’m a lot less interested in spending hours at the computer doing more typing. Also, I have a number of blog posts which are in process but each requires a lot more time and effort to finish than I currently have available.

Current blog posts in progress:

  • The differences between Wicca and Heathenry (aka: Wiccan privilege, and how to avoid venting at unsuspecting Wiccans who really don’t know anything about Heathenry)
  • Why Athelstan is my favorite character on Vikings (it’s relevant, really! I have deep thoughts about it. And not just because George Blagden is quite possibly the most adorable person currently residing in Midgard)
  • Reworking my fylgia article to include info from the latest Idunna
  • My experience participating in my first public ADF ritual (this year’s Ostara)
  • Typing up a review/overview of the Ladyofthelabyrinth’s “Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths” youtube series

If anyone has a preference as to which post gets finished first, let me know. It’ll help me focus my energies and actually get one of these done 🙂

4 thoughts on “What to write (March 2015 version)

  1. I can understand how after work and typing. For me, it feels busier at home after work with typing involved. I like all the topics. I say which ever flows through you first is the first to write.

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