Because Freyr = subtlety

Because Freyr is the most subtle and nuanced of Gods (coughhackcough), no matter what I do, the prayer for him by Joshua Tenpenny absolutely refuses to become a page that I can link to. Instead, each time I try, it posts itself front and center on my blog. Each. Time. I’ve had to delete it three times now and at this point I just give up. You win, Freyr! Look–another post, just about you. And I’ve read that damn prayer like five times in the last twenty-four hours.

I did say I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a god who doesn’t talk back, didn’t I? Hmm. (Sigh. Freya was never this hamfisted with things. Seriously.)

Let’s see, what else can I do that will make Freyr happy. Well, I can print out another pic of him since the last one burned up a few weeks ago (a funny story which will likely not make it to the blog). I’ve already started putting together a page of images of him so I’ll have a companion page to the artwork and poetry/songs pages that Freya now has. Hmm, what else? Offerings. Pick up some pulled pork? Barley beer? Honey? Flavored lube? There are clearly not enough ithyphallic sculptures on my altar; I’ve got to rectify that soon (Ha! I said rectify!)

Wow, now I’m making bad Vanic jokes. Freyr’s definitely in the house.

Here’s to you, Ingvi-Freyr. May your love never cease, your indomitable spirit never flag, and your antler never miss its mark.

golden Freyr, drawing

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