Love notes from Freya, 4/19/15

A marriage is what you make of it. It can be a marriage of convenience; a marriage of romantic love; a marriage for children; a marriage for career advancement. A marriage for society; a marriage for you, personally. There are many reasons to get married. Choose which one you like best, and follow your heart. It matters not which one you choose; only that you choose.

Relationship advice, from Freya. My sense is that her version of “Marriage” and our modern American one is different. I got the sense for channeling her note today that she was talking about something not entirely unlike a business venture–two people entering into an intimate, long-term partnership which is mutually beneficial;”romance” not being the central concept, in many cases.

Though Freya is a goddess of love, and I will never present her as not having that essential quality, it’s good to note that what “love” meant back in the time that she was most actively worshiped is not the red-hearted Valentine’s-Day love of today. (Perhaps that kind of cheesy romantic love didn’t exist in any ancient cultures; perhaps it’s a modern invention.) I don’t think that lessens the power or meaningfulness or usefulness of “love”. I think it just makes the “love” that does exist more likely to pass the test of time.

(And yes, I know this one is aimed at me, too, Lady. :P)

9 thoughts on “Love notes from Freya, 4/19/15

  1. I don’t know. I think that kind of love did exist back in the day. For instance, look at Frey and Gerd, sure there’s that whole threatening by that person whose name I can’t remember but Frey gave up his awesome sword! I don’t know if people saw in this story how love could or should be but it’s possible. I think ‘cheesy’ love gets a lot of flak nowadays cause it’s really hard to maintain (what with all the obstacles, some self-made, that people have to deal with) and so you hear people describing ‘real’ love in terms like ‘discipline’ or what have you which, to me, seems like a ‘toning down’ of love. Anyway, these are some things my brain decided to share with me. Blessings.

    P.S. There are also stories like Eros and Psyche and Orpheus and Eurydice which could be understand as both, pertaining to the people themselves but also having wider applications regarding our understanding of love and what it means or should mean.

    • 🙂 I think there definitely *was* romantic love, as we would define it, back in the day; I just don’t think it was the kind of love du jour back then. And I have no room to speak when it comes to cheesiness and love; Freya definitely has her share of LUVLUVLUV vibes going on.

      (And completely off topic, I think I deleted your comment on the “Wild God” poem while trying to respond to it. My apologies.)

      • Yea I think that makes sense considering the fact that there expectations, obligations (not sure if those two are the same) and so forth so I suppose folks were lucky if romantic love was part of the package.

        (No worries about the comment! I shall comment again!)

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