A Wild God

Poetry for thought….

Drinking From the Cup of Life

Over on tumblr, amaskofivy shared this, and I thought I’d share it (with permission) with all of you.

A Wild God
A wild god grants no wishes, but miracles spill from his lips; thick and crude and unpolished words that snap and bite at your ankles. And so do your footfalls cause the earth to tremble, for his gifts are not for receiving. A wild god’s blessings receive you.

He eats the flesh raw. A wild god carves no arrows, strings no bows, crafts no swords or axes. He scoops you from the river and sinks his teeth into you as you squirm, tender flesh giving way to the mouth that bloodies itself with doubt and hesitation and tremors of the mind. He deals in terror, takes fear in exchange for a glass of wine.

A wild god dwells in temples, sleeps on marble floors and wakes in the…

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2 thoughts on “A Wild God

  1. That’s a really nice poem. The title reminds me of another great poem, ‘Sometimes a Wild God’. Blessings.

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