The Trip, Up to Now

Updating the “Pilgrimage to Nora” blog with some misc experiencers I’ve had so far on the trip:

A Pilgrimage to Nora

(Well, now I can say I’ve actually been to the place my header image shows. It’s the old Catholic Church on top of the old pagan temple at Gamla (“Old”) Uppsala, north of Stockholm. The red building is, I believe, a reconstruction of how the pagan temple might have looked. It’s built in the wooden stave church style, at any rate. It’s a neat, really old church full of awesomely old artwork, but I think the even older pagan “King’s Mounds” and other burial mounds beside it, which date to the 5th c. CE, are much cooler. YMMV.)

We’re on the back end of the trip now.  We’ve visited Stockholm, Uppsala (both old and new), and Nora; currently, we’re back in Uppsala, and we will be heading back to Stockholm tomorrow. It seemed like a good time to finally catch up on my blogging and start with a bit of processing. Here are some…

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