“Tears in the Ocean”, by Michaela Macha

In my ongoing quest to find for more poetry for Freya, I often end up at Michaela’s website, “Odin’s Gift”. She has a huge collection, for most of the Norse deities, and many others. Here is one of her own poems, describing Freya in her search for Odr… (It’s actually a song, apparently; you can hear it here.)

Tears in the Ocean

I hardly noticed when he was going,
I didn´t think to say him goodbye.
I missed my chance on that day, little knowing
He would not return and I´d never know why.

I hid at my home, hid my sorrow and rage,
I buried my grieving ever so deep;
But love freed my feelings and feet from their cage:
I set out to search him, and started to weep.

My tears in the ocean turned amber and gold,
My tears at the Tree were filling the Well;
My tears in the field made the flowers unfold,
My tears at the river were flowing to Hel.

I wandered the wastelands, I searched far and near,
As falcon I flew over mountains and hill,
From daybreak to nightfall and year after year,
And in all my dreams I am searching him still.

My tears in the ocean…

I roamed through the realms of the quick and the dead,
I searched on the other side of the sky;
No place in Nine Worlds where I did not tread,
And wheresoever I went, I did cry.

My tears in the winter turned crystals of ice,
My tears in the night, seven stars for the sea.
My tears fell as diamonds, a find for the wise;
My tears they brought comfort to any but me.

In Midgard I talked to the daughters of men,
To widows and orphans and all who have lost;
In memories, their loved ones were living again,
Their songs were burning like fires in frost.

The wyrd of all worlds and all wights is to perish,
I wept for the fate of each man and each god.
I wept for all we hold dear and we cherish,
But most of all, I wept for my Od.

I forget how he smelled, I forget how he smiled,
But I shall always remember our love.
I seek for his charm in the eyes of our child,
And I hear his voice in the sound of her laugh.

My tears in the ocean…
I seek for his charm in the eyes of our child,
And I hear his voice in the sound of her laugh.

My tears in the ocean…

9 thoughts on ““Tears in the Ocean”, by Michaela Macha

  1. The lines about Freya’s tears transforming to ‘amber and gold’ and later to ‘crystals of ice’ and ‘diamonds’ are very moving and vivid. Also, beautiful picture of Freya’s tears turning to gold. Is that in the Norse myths?

    • The myths tell us that Freya weeps as she searches for her lost husband Odr, and that Her tears turn to gold as they hit the earth. “Freya’s tears” is often used as a kenning for gold in the sagas and eddas. Modern UPG (via Diana Paxson’s book Brisingamen) also holds that her tears turn to amber when they hit the ocean. Certainly amber was highly valued by the Norse peoples, and amber beads turn up in many Viking Age gravesites.

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