The Meaning of Devotion, Emoi Ge.

It is one of the benefits of living in this time and place in the world’s history–and of my own personal history–that I am blessed with a variety of opinions and voices of people who do what I do, or what I try to do, or what I have done and am now telling you all about. And so, when I need to be nudged about something, I get it, in relatively short order, and from someone I respect. Not that this post was aimed at /me/, but the Gods are multi-taskers, no? And I needed to hear it, anyways.

Magick From Scratch

“If devotion does not simply mean letting gods do whatever they want to you, what does it mean?” — Zeus

This was a writing prompt given to me by Zeus. Of course, the words he chose rubbed me somewhat the wrong way, but you get what you get.

I really hate to write about devotion, for a number of reasons. Firstly, I often feel that by putting my own views forward, I am inherently stepping on toes. I have no right to define ‘devotion’ generally, for people. More than that, I don’t think of myself as being particularly religious. At the same time, I have very strong feelings about what devotionisn’t, and what it should be. I can’t rightly talk about what devotion is. I can only talk about what it isto me.

Devotion, to me, implies active and willing participation in a relationship. I cannot just let Hermes…

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