Love notes from Freya, 6/30/15

And I check in with Her today, and Freya is in full-on celebration mode. “CELEBRATE!” She says, and there is much feasting and merriment and just a whole lot of stuff happening in Her Hall at the moment.

And everything about Her is just so palpable right now. I don’t know if this attitude/energy is just about me and what’s going on in my life at the moment (more on that later) or if that’s just Her attitude about life in general right now.

I watch the merriment for a while and think, “Damn! It’s good to be a Vanic goddess.” And then, “Damn! It’s been a couple of months since I had a nice long visit to Vanaheim. Time to get back to it.”

Edited: And later, *headdesk*. This is two days after gay marriage finally became legal in the US. Of course She is celebrating.

An Old-Fashioned Blot for Freya

Despite the countless pages of modern Heathen rituals I have seen (and participated in) over the years, and despite the fact that I instigated and headed the extensive five-Freya-priestess “Facets of Freya” ritual, Heathen ritual was never meant to be a big, choreographed affair. Heathen rituals, as such, were usually done at home, for the inhabitants’ ancestors, local nature spirits, and occasionally the Gods (depending on the family). Luckily, old-fashioned Heathen ritual does, in fact, lend itself well to my preferred style of ritual.

When I am in charge of a ritual, almost all of it comes from the heart and off script, if I can at all manage it. My main goals in most ritual are to interact with people one-on-one and share with them the love I have for my Gods. It’s not fancy, but it works; and all is usually good. However, this means I don’t have a lot of ritual written down, ready to hand out when needed. Also, this sometimes means my rituals are shorter than planned, or I miss including an epithet or myth or really cool turn of phrase that I’d thought of. So, when a friend came to me asking for ideas for a blot for Freya, I decided it was finally time sit sit down and write Her one.

The format is pretty basic and can be used for any deity, and you can add in more info or pare down the flowery bits as needed:


  1. Set space
  2. Welcome attendees
  3. Explain purpose of event
  4. Talk about Freya/Tell one of her myths/Wax poetic about Her
  5. Fill a horn with fruity alcoholic beverage and toast her
  6. Pass the horn around to group
  7. Hail her one last time, emptying the remaining liquid out for the landspirits

Here’s my version, for Freya.

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Strengthening Spiritual Communication, by Dagulf Loptson

Killer introductory article by Dagulf Loptson about starting and deepening your relationships with your various spirit entities: Gods, ancestors, and landvaettir (land spirits) alike. The TL:DR version: Treat your Gods and spirits the way you would treat your good friends. Visit them or talk to them on a regular basis; be courteous and respectful in your dealings with them; give them gifts; and honor any vows or oaths you made to them. It’s simple in theory, but not always easy in practice.

The side I was missing

So last night, at the prodding of my Gods, and also because this is becoming a regular event, I did a Midsummer all-around check-in with my Gods. I talked with a number of them about a number of things, most of which I won’t be sharing here. (They are either too private or not yet manifested, or both.) My conversation with Freyr was enlightening, though, and unlike the rest, I think parts of it were aimed at a greater audience than just me:

“When I am crowned as king,” Freyr said, “as I have been in the past, I first take stock of that which I have been given. I check the stores. What needs to be filled, and what is already in great supply? I can bring great fertility, but there’s no point in giving more of what we already have enough of. Where do you need me in your life? What parts are empty, or have been left fallow or unused?

I am the guiding hand when decisions of stability, fertility, and abundance must be made. When others depend upon you to lead or provide, call on me, and I am there.

I am the growth spurt that helps you grow, and strengthens and reinforces your plans currently in motion. I am the potential of every seed, of every choice, of every plan; now, and in the future. Just because you do not call on me or acknowledge me does not mean that I have not always been there–watching, waiting, being. I am in potentia; I am that which waits.”

Other parts were clearly just for me. At one point I asked Him, Why me? He laughed. Why not you? He answered. Anyway, it was already chosen before you were born. Why did you ever think you had any choice? He said as He shook his head, smiling at my silliness. Clearly he did not see any downside to me being His. We have a lot of time to make up for. I tried to imagine my entire life–everything I do, every choice I make—coated with His energy, instead just mine and Freya’s, and when I looked up at Freya to get her reaction, She beamed at me so brightly with jubilation that was hard to bear.

Apparently, my sovereignty comes from acknowledging his effect in my life. It is only through accepting Him that I will ever full regain my own powers. (Which makes me think, which powers? And when did I lose them…? Questions for another journey on another day, apparently.)

Dialing back

So, I’ve gone and completely overbooked myself again. Again, my own fault. No one is pressuring me to do most (if any) of it. I thought perhaps it was the Bay Area’s influence; but no, it’s happening here. It’ll likely happen wherever I go. The problem with moving is that you take yourself with you, you know.

So, now that I’ve met a bunch of people in the area and found some people with whom to do the things I’m most interested in, I’ll be dialing back again. My focus now will be finishing up/deepening ancestor work; continuing and upgrading my work with the Gods (including blogging); and starting to build Heathen community in my area. And relearning to trust other people while I’m at it, it seems. So, we’ll see how it goes :/

Any energy or blessings or good thoughts people want to send to help me achieve this balance will be appreciated 🙂


Love notes from Freya 6/20/14

A Love Note from almost a year ago. 🙂 Brought to my attention by owanderer. Hail Freya!

Silver and Gold

I ended up having fewer leftover Love Notes than I originally assumed, so I’ve started channeling them from Her directly for the blog. Here’s today’s download.

Sometimes my Lady doesn’t have much to say; today was not one of those days. I am reminded that she can issue a Call to Arms just powerful as any given by Odin or Tyr. How many people have the courage to take this one on? That is likely why people who actually pay attention to who She is and what She stands for are afraid of Her, because if you really take in what She has to offer… well, that’s some scary shit. It’s even scary to me, but that’s what you get when you work with Her. And for the most part, I knew what I was getting into.

Love. The world is full of pain, sadness, loss; there is no…

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“Lo! There do I see my father…”

Reblogging this from last year because I can’t *not* reblog it whenever I come across it. Enjoy.

Silver and Gold

You know you’re a Heathen if, when I say, “Remember that great scene from The 13th Warrior? You know, “Lo! There do I….”, you can finish the entire quote automatically 🙂 For you, I give you this. Happy belated Winternights.

Lo, there do I see my father
Lo, there do I see my mother
and my sisters and my brothers
Lo, there do I see the line of my people
back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me
They bid me take my place among them.
In the halls of Valhalla,
where the brave shall live forever.

(No, it’s not historically accurate, but it’s perfect.)

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Messages in dreams, the efficacy thereof

I had a dream last night, when I rolled back in my bed…. 

(*cough* sorry, wrong genre. I’m not actually a bluegrass singer.)

Okay, so I did have a dream last night. It was of my red cat, who has decided not to come in when I call him home the last few days. He is a talker and a gadabout and a charmer, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t live with me or visit me often who didn’t adore him. (Living with him is a different matter entirely.) Anyway, my cat had somehow been let out with his harness and leash still attached to him, and he had gotten completely tangled up in the lilac bush out in front my parent’s house. I guess I had heard him yowling, or my mom had come to get me, so we went out to figure out what had happened and untangle him. In the dream, he had practically been strangled in his struggles to get loose, and was tired and limp. Him getting caught up someplace and strangling himself is one of my biggest fears for him now that he’s a semi-outdoor cat. (The other one being that someone might kidnap him, because he is an gorgeous, soft, beautiful, friendly orange cat who, though very intelligent, has very little fear reaction.)

Upon waking up, I find out that he had been busy annoying a neighbor’s indoor cat last night and that we had gotten a call at 3AM telling us all about it. Which we all ignored, because no one recognized the number. Then this morning we received another call from the same neighbor asking if he was okay and letting us know that he was a big, beautiful cat. He’s home now, exhausted and smelling vaguely of perfume. In some ways I’m lucky that he is a big, beautiful, friendly cat, because that means people often forgive him for a lot of things that an uglier or mangier cat would not be able to get away with. Unfortunately, though, in his four yeas of life he has figured out that he’s beautiful, and he flirts outrageously whenever he gets a chance–even if this means he has to hunt through the entire neighborhood until he finds someone to ooh and ahh over him. Sigh, cats.

Baut back to dreams. This is about as close to prophetic as my dreams get. Cat got himself caught, near home (the neighbor was literally right across the street) but was unharmed, and came back exhausted. And I don’t know if it was just a coincidence and the dream was motivated by my worry for him not coming in or the fact that I was semi-awake at 3AM or what. Just don’t generally get a lot of outside information streamed to me in my dreams. And I worry sometimes that I’m not a very good polytheist (or pagan or empath or psychic, for that matter) because of it, because isn’t that what priests are supposed to do? Get fancy info-laden dreams?

What I do get in my dreams, though, is a lot of processing. In addition to the cat dream, last night I was busy untangling a ritual that I was writing in my mind. I’m not actually working on one IRL, but I did go to bed with “So Freyr, what do you want with this dedication?” running through my head, so it was probably the Freyr ritual. Unfortunately, now I can’t remember a bit of it. I suppose it is just as well, because I had hit a wall in my ritual writing in my dream as well. But as often as not, I will process things in my dreams and have an “Aha!” moment upon waking and writing them down. And the imagery in those processing dreams is not at all different from my journeywork, actually–in both, I will feel like I spend a lot of time and effort working on something very meaningful only to come out of it, write it up, and go, “Seriously? It took that long just to convey the message that Person X is not going to change their behavior? You couldn’t have just started that up front and moved on?”

I know I had asked this a little while ago and had gotten a response for a few of you that getting messages and prophetic images in dreams was not all it was cracked up to be–didn’t make for restful sleep, and sometimes there was nothing you could do about a given prediction. But still, I kinda wish I got bigger dreams than, “The cat is stuck in a bush. Go free him.”

RaThe cat in question.