Freyja – Our Lady of the Runny Mascara

Beautifully put. Want to know what it is to be claimed by Freya? Read on.

Pagan Church Lady

Freyja, Freyja, Freyja

The last two weeks I have been soaked in you.  I have languished in your light, in your warmth, in your passion, in your love, your sex, your heat, in your ecstasy, in your trance, in your dreams, in your seidh, in your magick, in your world, in your arms, in your heart.

Years ago you told me stop lying to myself and be who I knew myself to be, and it’s been a long journey, and you didn’t come to claim me until I was well past the point of no return.  Years ago you told me that you weren’t ready to inhabit me, and yet over the last couple of weeks I’ve accepted your sacrifices on your behalf, tears on Your altar of my lips, sex on Your altar of my body, love on Your altar of my heart, vision on Your altar of my…

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