Love notes from… Freya? 6/15/15

Lay down on a field. Lay as if you are dying. Let pass through your mind your memories: of what you had desired, but did not get; of what you have achieved, and the awards and accolades they produced. See rolling from your fingers blood-red dice, marked with runes. I had given you strength, and agility, duty and perseverance. What have my gifts brought you? What did you make of them? Was it worth my time and effort to have sacrificed these things for you? If the answer is no…. GO OUT AND CHANGE IT. Love, Odin.

So I go about two lines into this Love Note before it occurred to me that something was definitely off here. “Freya? The fuck?” She put her hand on my shoulder and tells me, “Just let him talk.” She was in falcon garb–a white feather cloak that I’ve been associating more and more with her this past year. I’m not sure which “version” of her this is, but my guess is that it is the one associated with Her role as Chooser of the Slain. In the meantime, we have this nice motivational message from Odin. Who, by the way, sounds NOTHING LIKE FREYA.

15 thoughts on “Love notes from… Freya? 6/15/15

  1. Thanks Odin!

    This goes nicely with a lot of the things I’m going through right now….Well been going through a little while now anyway. There has been others trying to get this point (and other points just like it) across to me. Sometimes you need to hear it from a diffrent voice, a diffrent person.

    Odin and I aren’t on the greatest terms with each other, and we tend to have a bit of a love/hate thing going on. But I’m glad to see a message from Grandfather Odin, that some of the words that ring true comes from a source that has been quiet in my life lately.

    Reading the words that he has shared through you, I need to go and ponder a few things for a while. Need to rest and let it all out, be proud of the things I’ve done, be thankful for the things I’ve received, and need to work on changing things that need to be dealt with.

    Hoping all the best for you and yours!

    • Yeah, once I noticed the change in tone, I was like, “WTH is this?” Who else would steal the mic from Freya and get away with it? ODIN.

      And boy howdy, I forget how different various deities “feel”. Odin goes straight for the jugular, at least compared to version of Freya that I get. More power to you all.

  2. Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    For those who may have been missing my Love Notes from Odin (I’m going to make an effort to bring those back soon!), here is an installment from Cara Freyasdottir, wherein Odin grabbed the mic from Freyja. I’ve received lectures very similar to this from Him in the past. (Not so much anymore, but back when I wasn’t really yet living up to my full potential in His eyes.)

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